Ideology and finance

The young Association had lots of activities, but there was a shortage of money. Services in meetings were managed by potlucks and new contact persons were appointed to recruit new members. It was, however, possible to participate in annual meetings of the Central Organization for Finnish Horticulture in Helsinki – thanks to income received from rummage sales.

In 1957, the financial situation of the Association substantially improved owing to the first exhibition held in the hall of Pienteollisuustalo. As many as 1500 people visited the exhibition and the revenue was over 200 000 marks – a great achievement from the Association of only thirty members. A couple of years later annual work parties for preparing wreaths for All Saints’ Day were organized. This tradition remained active up to 2000.

In 1959, the Joensuu Horticulture Association was invited to the exhibition committee of Helsinki. The aim was to highlight the production of the province. But unfortunately activities in the exhibition failed to be implemented owing to the lack of the resources. Instead, a half dozen of silver dessert spoons with the armorial of Joensuu were donated as an exhibition prize.

Pleasure and Leisure

In the 1980’s, trips were organized to Finnish and foreign garden destinations. Members were interested in the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, the Baltic countries and the neighboring areas of Russia. The trips turned out to be so popular that there was no room for everybody willing to participate. An essential part of the activities of the Association has been from the beginning lectures, courses, exhibitions and work parties. Garden competitions have been organized ever since from 1969; in the early years together with the Household Committee of Joensuu.

In the 1980’s, the Association had more than 200 members. At the same time, the name of the Association was changed from the Joensuu Horticulture Association to the North Karelia Horticulture Association. Inspired by growing interest in gardening, the Karjalan Ruusu exhibitions were organized in Urheilutalo in 1985, 1988 and 1995. The rose logo of the Association designed by Leea Wasenius was introduced in the first Karjalan Ruusu exhibition. In 2009, in cooperation with the associations of Kuopio, Pieksämäki and Joensuu, a large garden exhibition Verdant Eastern Finland was arranged in Kuopio.

Source: Reima Karetie. 2003. Pohjois-Karjalan Puutarhayhdistyksen historiaa